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The back of the envelope has always been my favorite place to write a return address. There’s the advantage of space, of course, always appealing to a girl who likes to give her letters room to sprawl and flourish and show off a bit.

So it makes sense that I love designing custom address stamps.

If you’re anything like me (Pinterest says there sure are a lot of us), you’re drawn to the something-extra that can transform what’s ordinary into something special. Things that reflect a certain amount of effort and care.

Anything in its best dress, anything that can slow the world down a little.

A pretty envelope has some superpowers, it turns out.

Because there’s that moment when the recipient turns the envelope over to see who was thinking of her. There’s a smile and the quick decision to open the letter right there or to wait and savor it in a quieter moment.

And, just like that, the day takes a long, slow breath and hangs back a little.

It’s lovely, every bit of it.

So if you’re working your way through your holiday gift list, consider a custom return address stamp from Bella Grafia. Several styles are available, or we can work on something new together. Each stamp is made from high quality rubber mounted on a wooden handle and will arrive with a black stamp pad in its own keepsake muslin bag.

(A custom stamp can also be used to personalize books or other belongings. Think beyond addresses, too. A stamp can be customized with any text of your choice.)

It can be difficult to find a truly personal and memorable gift, but giving a custom stamp makes it easy on you.

You might even want to order one for yourself. They’re irresistible like that.


(Email me at or through my contact form to start your order.)